The RF Photonics lab in UMass Dartmouth has full capability to design, model, and characterize advanced passive and active RF devices, photonic devices, and complete microwave photonic systems. The RF Photonic lab also has extensive, state-of-art test equipment and software tools. The lab uses the Center for Nanoscale Systems fabrication facilities at Harvard University for photonic device fabrication. The RF Photonics Lab entrance is located at UMass Dartmouth in room 320 of the Dion building at the main UMass Dartmouth campus in North Darmouth, MA.


RF Photonics Lab, Dion322


Optical Probe Station


50 GHz Network Analyzer


Wire Bonder


Wireless Signal Generator and Analyzer


Microwave Circuit Prototyper


High Power Microwave Test Chamber


Optical Test Bench (20′ x2)